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Work Permits in Albania: A Guide for Foreigners

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Albania’s growing economy presents exciting opportunities for foreign workers across various industries. To legally work in Albania, obtaining a work permit is essential. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the different work permit categories available.

Types of Work Permits in Albania

Albania offer a variety of work permits catering to the diverse employment needs and desired lengths of stay. Here’s a breakdown of some common types:

  • For Employees (A/P): This is the most common permit, which is ideal for foreign workers with a specific Albanian employer. It requires an employment contract and proof of qualifications relevant to the position.
  • Seasonal Work Permits (A/PS): Suitable for temporary projects or seasonal tasks, this permit is valid for up to six months.
  • Internal Transfers within the Enterprise (A/TN): This permit facilitates the transfer of employees between branches of the same company. Documentation demonstrating the transfer within the company structure is necessary.
  • For Students (A/S): Foreign students enrolled in accredited Albanian institutions can apply for this permit to work part-time or during breaks. Proof of student enrollment and limitations on work hours apply.


Cross-Border Employment Permit (A/NK): Citizens from neighboring countries can utilise this permit to work in specific border regions of Albania for short periods without establishing residency.

Additional Work Permit Categories:

Beyond the common types, Albania offers work permits for specific situations:

  • A/FP (Professional Training): This permit caters to foreigners undergoing professional training.
  • A/SHV (Voluntary Service Provider): For individuals engaged in voluntary service programs.
  • A/KL (Highly Skilled Workers): This permit caters to foreign workers with demonstrably high skills and qualifications that are in demand within the Albanian job market.
  • A/SP (Athletes): Foreign athletes competing in Albania can apply for this work permit.
  • Self-Employment Permit (B/VP): This permit allows foreigners to establish and manage their own businesses in Albania. A business plan and proof of sufficient financial resources are required.


Investor Work Permit (B/I): Foreign investors meeting specific investment criteria can obtain this permit. They must invest business investment in a new or existing company. They will need to provide proof of investment and business registration details as evidence.

Work Permits for Special Cases and Long-Term Stays:

  • Special Cases Work Permit (C): This permit addresses situations not covered by other categories, such as religious missions or cultural exchange programs. Individual case assessment by the authorities is required.
  • Work Permit for Permanent Residents (D): Individuals who have held a work permit in Albania for a continuous period and meet specific criteria can apply for this permit.
  • Contractual Services Work Permit (C/SHK): This permit allows foreign individuals to provide specific services under a contract within Albania. A valid contract outlining the service provided is mandatory.


Work Permit for Family Reunification (A/AF): Spouses, children, and dependent parents of Albanian citizens can obtain this permit. Proof of family relationship and financial support by the Albanian citizen are necessary documents.

How Oracle Solicitors Albania Can Help

At Oracle Solicitors Albania, our experienced immigration lawyers are dedicated to guiding foreign nationals through the complexities of obtaining a work permit in Albania. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Consultation to determine the most suitable work permit category for your specific situation.
  • Assistance with application preparation and document collection.
  • Liaison with Albanian government agencies throughout the process.
  • Representation in case of any complications or appeals.


Understanding the different work permit options in Albania is crucial for foreign workers seeking legal employment opportunities in the country. Oracle Solicitors Albania is here to help you navigate the process smoothly and efficiently. Contact today at [email protected] to schedule a consultation and discuss your work permit needs in Albania.

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