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Structuring and Governance

Our experts assist non-profit foundations and associations in structuring and establishing robust governance systems. With a deep understanding of the legal framework, we can help you build a strong foundation for your non-profit’s success.

Why proper structuring and governance matters?

Proper structuring and governance are essential for the smooth functioning and sustainability of non-profit foundations and associations. A well-designed structure and governance system ensure transparency, accountability, and efficient decision-making, allowing you to focus on your mission and objectives.

Our services

Tailored Structuring of Non-Profit Organisations: Our experienced lawyers work closely with you to determine the most suitable legal structure for your non-profit foundation or association.

Comprehensive Governance Frameworks: We assist in developing comprehensive governance frameworks, including bylaws, policies, and procedures, tailored to your non-profit’s specific needs. Our team ensures that your governance structure complies with regulations and best practices.

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Non-profit foundations and associations differ in their legal characteristics and purposes. A foundation is typically established with an endowment and is focused on conducting activities funded by that endowment. On the other hand, an association is formed by a group of individuals coming together for a common purpose. The legal requirements, governance structures, and operational focus may vary between the two, and our experienced attorneys can guide you in choosing the most suitable structure for your organisation’s mission.

An effective governance framework for a non-profit should include clear bylaws outlining the organisation’s purpose, structure, and decision-making processes. Additionally, policies and procedures related to financial management, conflict of interest, and board responsibilities are essential. Regular board training sessions and compliance education further enhance the governance system, ensuring ethical conduct and adherence to legal requirements.

Non-profit foundations and associations have specific legal obligations, including annual reporting to the relevant authorities and maintaining proper financial records. Our legal team keep you informed about the deadlines and requirements for fulfilling these obligations, helping you stay compliant.

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