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Patent Registration

Patents are valuable assets that protect your inventions and innovations from unauthorised use. We can help with the patent registration process with the General Directorate of Industrial Property (DPPI), ensure compliance with requirements, and secure exclusive rights to your creations.

Our Services

Patent Search and Analysis: Our lawyers conduct thorough searches to assess the novelty of your invention and provide insights into existing patents, helping you make informed decisions about patent registration.

Patent Application Drafting: We assist in drafting precise and comprehensive patent applications that accurately describe your invention’s technical details, ensuring strong protection of your intellectual property.

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A patent is a legal protection granted to inventors that gives them exclusive rights to their inventions for a specific period. Patents allow inventors to control how their inventions are used and prevent others from making, using, selling, or importing the patented technology.

Yes, patents can be obtained internationally through various processes, such as the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) or direct applications in individual countries. Our lawyers can guide you through the international patent application process to protect your invention on a global scale.


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