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Patent Registration

Patents are invaluable assets, granting you exclusive rights to your inventions for a predetermined period, typically 20 years in Albania as stipulated in Law No. 9947/2014 “On Industrial Property”. This exclusivity safeguards your competitive advantage by preventing unauthorized use, production, or sale of your invention by others, fostering innovation and technological advancement.

The Patent Registration Process in Albania:

Obtaining patent protection in Albania involves a multi-step process overseen by the General Directorate of Industrial Property (DPPI):

  1. Filing: The process begins with filing a patent application with the DPPI, which includes details like the inventor’s information, a description of the invention, and claims outlining the scope of protection sought. This must adhere to the requirements outlined in Law No. 9947/2008.
  2. Formal Examination: The DPPI conducts a formal examination to ensure the application adheres to legal requirements and formatting guidelines.
  3. Novelty Search: As mandated by Law No. 9947/2008, the DPPI conducts a novelty search to assess the originality of the invention and identify any existing patents that might conflict with your application.
  4. Substantive Examination: If the novelty search is successful, the DPPI proceeds with a substantive examination to evaluate the invention’s inventive step and industrial applicability.
  5. Grant and Publication: Upon successful completion of the examination process and addressing any potential concerns raised by the DPPI, the patent is granted and published in the official industrial property bulletin.

Our Comprehensive Patent Services:

At Oracle Solicitors Albania, we offer a comprehensive suite of patent services to guide you through each stage of this process, ensuring compliance with Albanian regulations and maximizing the protection of your intellectual property:

  • Patent Search and Analysis: Our experienced IP lawyers conduct thorough novelty searches and freedom-to-operate analysis, providing valuable insights into patentability and potential infringement risks.
  • Patent Application Drafting and Prosecution: We collaborate with you to draft precise and comprehensive patent applications that meet all legal requirements. We also navigate the application process with the DPPI, addressing any concerns during prosecution.
  • Patent Portfolio Management: We offer ongoing support in managing your patent portfolio, including monitoring patent lifespans, renewal procedures, and potential infringement issues.

Contact Us Today:

Schedule a consultation with our experienced IP lawyers at Oracle Solicitors Albania by calling +355 69 693 7763 or visiting our contact page to discuss your specific patenting needs and explore how we can help you safeguard your inventions.

Our services

Patent Search and Analysis: Our lawyers conduct thorough searches to assess the novelty of your invention and provide insights into existing patents, helping you make informed decisions about patent registration.

Patent Application Drafting: We assist in drafting precise and comprehensive patent applications that accurately describe your invention’s technical details, ensuring strong protection of your intellectual property.


A patent is a legal protection granted to inventors that gives them exclusive rights to their inventions for a specific period. Patents allow inventors to control how their inventions are used and prevent others from making, using, selling, or importing the patented technology.

Yes, patents can be obtained internationally through various processes, such as the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) or direct applications in individual countries. Our lawyers can guide you through the international patent application process to protect your invention on a global scale.


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