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Technology Transactions and Licensing

Technology plays a pivotal role in telecommunication and media operations and therefore getting legal advice to cover transactions and licensing is imperative. We help our client’s technology transactions and licensing agreements, so that they are structured to optimise innovation, protect intellectual property, and foster strategic partnerships. Our expertise includes technology agreements, licensing arrangements, and maximising the value of your technological assets.

Our services

Technology Agreements: Our lawyers draft, review, and negotiate technology agreements, covering technology development, licensing, transfer, and joint ventures.

Licensing Strategy: We help devise licensing strategies that balance commercial goals with IP protection, guiding you through licensing terms, royalties, and compliance.

Intellectual Property Protection: We offer advice on safeguarding intellectual property rights, patent protection, and trade secret confidentiality in technology transactions.

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Technology transactions involve agreements related to technology development, licensing, transfer, and collaboration. Licensing pertains to granting or acquiring rights to use specific technology assets.

Key considerations include licensing scope, usage limitations, payment structures, termination clauses, and intellectual property ownership and protection.


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