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Tax Exempt Status Support

Our experienced team of lawyers assist non-profits in achieving tax benefits, ensuring that their resources are maximised for fulfilling your impactful mission.

Why Pursue Tax Exempt Status?

Obtaining tax exempt status for your non-profit foundation or association can have significant benefits. It allows your organisation to preserve more of its resources, directing funds towards its charitable objectives. Additionally, tax exempt status enhances your organisation’s credibility, making it more attractive to donors, partners, and supporters.

Our services

Eligibility Assessment for Tax Exempt Status: Our lawyers assess your non-profit foundation or association’s eligibility for tax exempt status. We review your activities, objectives, and compliance with tax laws to determine the most appropriate tax status for your organisation.

Preparing and Submitting Tax Exemption Applications: We guide you through the complex process of preparing and submitting tax exemption applications to the relevant authorities.

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The timeline for obtaining tax exempt status may vary depending on the complexity of your organisation’s structure and the efficiency of the application process. In general, it can take several months to receive a decision from the tax authorities.

Tax exempt status typically applies to income directly related to your organisation’s charitable activities. However, there may be certain types of income, such as unrelated business income, that may be subject to taxation.

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