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Aviation Law

Aviation lawyers and Solicitors at Oracle Solicitors provide flexible and cost-effective legal services on a large scale and across borders, handling passenger rights claims, aircraft leasing and procurement agreements, regulatory matters and more.

Navigating the complexities of the skies

Aviation law encompasses a broad range of legal principles and regulations that govern the operation, safety, and security of aircraft, airports, and related activities. From aircraft financing and leasing to regulatory compliance and liability issues, a comprehensive understanding of aviation law is crucial for individuals and businesses involved in the aviation industry.

Aircraft Registration and Ownership: Registering an aircraft requires meticulous compliance with specific legal requirements and meticulous documentation. Our team of aviation law experts can guide you through this intricate process, providing invaluable assistance with aircraft registration, title transfers, security interests, and the establishment of ownership structures that align with international aviation standards and local regulations.

Operational Compliance: Strict adherence to aviation law regulations is paramount to ensure safe and efficient aircraft operations. Our seasoned legal professionals specialise in aviation law and can provide expert guidance on operational compliance, including pilot and crew licensing requirements, aircraft maintenance protocols, and adherence to air traffic control procedures. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your operations are fully compliant with regulatory obligations.

Airspace Regulations: Airspace is carefully regulated to facilitate the smooth and secure movement of aircraft. Aviation law establishes rules and restrictions governing airspace usage, encompassing flight paths, altitude limitations, and navigation procedures. Our team possesses a deep understanding of airspace regulations, enabling us to provide comprehensive advice to pilots, air traffic controllers, and aviation operators. We ensure that your activities strictly adhere to airspace regulations, promoting safety and mitigating potential legal repercussions.

Aviation Contracts and Agreements: The aviation industry relies heavily on contracts and agreements for various purposes, such as aircraft purchases, leasing arrangements, maintenance and service contracts, and charter agreements. Our proficient aviation law experts offer comprehensive assistance in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating these critical contracts. By leveraging our expertise, you can ensure that your contracts protect your interests, encompass vital provisions, and comply with applicable laws and industry standards.

Aviation Insurance and Liability: Managing the inherent risks associated with the aviation industry is paramount, and robust insurance coverage plays a vital role in risk mitigation. Our aviation law specialists can guide you through the intricacies of aviation insurance, including aircraft hull and liability coverage, passenger liability protection, and third-party liability policies. In the unfortunate event of accidents, incidents, or property damage, we offer skilled guidance on liability issues, ensuring a thorough assessment of liability and providing effective legal representation when necessary.

International Aviation Regulations: Aviation law extends beyond national boundaries, with international agreements and organisations, such as the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), harmonising regulations globally. Our experts possess in-depth knowledge of international aviation regulations and can assist airlines, aircraft operators, and aviation professionals engaged in international operations. We ensure compliance with international aviation standards, enabling you to navigate the complexities of cross-border aviation activities seamlessly.

By consulting with our experienced legal professionals specialising in aviation law, you can confidently navigate the intricacies of the aviation industry, ensuring compliance with regulations and safeguarding your rights and interests. Our team at Oracle Solicitors is dedicated to providing unparalleled guidance and expertise tailored to address your specific aviation law needs.

Our services

Our team of experts supports our clients’ needs in a full range of legal activities, including:

  • Passenger rights claims under Regulation (EC) 261/2004, the Montreal Convention or other consumer laws. This work includes everything from volume cases, where our scale and flexibility results in significant cost efficiencies while maintaining excellent quality, to strategic litigation aimed at improving case law or preventing companies from exploiting uncontested claims. for-profit claims administration.
  • Aircraft leasing, airport agreements and other contractual matters
  • Tax matters, including responding to domestic tax inquiries and defending ‘pooled’ tax claims
  • Personal injuries
  • Employment Law

We offer our aviation law services to:

  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Charter flight operators
  • Drones and drone operators
  • Government contractors
  • Flight schools
  • Fixed Operations (FBO)
  • General Aviation
  • Helicopter operators
  • Agreements relating to industrial aids and corporate operations
  • International Operations
  • Manufacturers of aeronautical or aviation-related products

Our team

Oracle’s Aviation team brings together a wide range of diverse talent under one roof. Our lawyers include trial lawyers and experienced lawyers who act as in-house counsel, giving our clients the benefit of their experience from the earliest stages of a case.

Our lawyers and solicitors are dedicated aviation specialists whose familiarity with the aviation industry and its technical vocabulary makes working closely with our clients a smooth and easy process. Furthermore, because Oracle operates as a cohesive whole and avoids a fragmented approach, the expertise of our employment, commercial and personal injury teams is always available to provide our clients with the best advice and support.

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