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Foreign Direct Investment and Cross-Border Transactions

At Oracle Solicitors Albania, we empower businesses to unlock the full potential of foreign direct investment (FDI) and cross-border transactions. Our seasoned legal team combines in-depth knowledge of Albanian law with extensive experience in international transactions, offering comprehensive legal guidance and strategic solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Why Choose Oracle Solicitors Albania?

Unmatched Expertise in Albanian FDI Landscape: We possess a profound understanding of Albanian regulations governing foreign investment, including Law No. 9901/2008 “On Traders and Commercial Companies” and relevant investment promotion policies. This ensures compliance with all legal requirements and mitigates potential risks associated with investing in Albania.

Seamless Cross-Border Transaction Support: Our lawyers have a proven track record of assisting clients with cross-border mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and other complex transactions. We handle all aspects of the process, from due diligence and regulatory approvals to negotiation and drafting of transaction documents, ensuring a smooth and successful outcome.

Skilled International Contract Negotiation: We possess extensive experience in negotiating and drafting international contracts, such as:

  • Distribution agreements: Structuring agreements for effective market entry and distribution of your products or services in Albania.
  • Licensing agreements: Protecting your intellectual property rights while facilitating technology transfer and knowledge sharing with foreign partners.
  • Joint venture agreements: Establishing clear frameworks for collaborative ventures with foreign partners, outlining rights, responsibilities, and profit-sharing mechanisms.

Our Comprehensive FDI and Cross-Border Transaction Services:

Foreign Investment Advisory:

  • Market entry strategy development: We assist in evaluating investment opportunities, assessing market potential, and understanding the competitive landscape in Albania.
  • Regulatory compliance guidance: We navigate the complexities of Albanian regulations, ensuring your investment activities comply with all legal and licensing requirements.
  • Taxation advice: We collaborate with tax advisors to help you understand and optimize your tax implications related to foreign investment in Albania.


Cross-Border M&A and Joint Ventures:

  • Due diligence: We conduct comprehensive legal and financial due diligence on potential targets or partners, identifying potential risks and opportunities.
  • Regulatory approvals: We guide you through obtaining necessary approvals from relevant Albanian authorities, such as the Competition Authority of Albania.
  • Transaction structuring and documentation: We draft and negotiate transaction documents, such as share purchase agreements, joint venture agreements, and shareholder agreements, ensuring alignment with your business objectives and protecting your interests.


International Contract Negotiation and Drafting:

  • Drafting and negotiation of international contracts: We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and objectives, drafting and negotiating contracts that effectively safeguard your interests and facilitate successful collaboration with foreign partners.
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity: We understand the importance of cultural nuances in international negotiations, ensuring effective communication and building trust with your foreign counterparts.

Your Trusted Partner for Success in the Global Marketplace:

By partnering with Oracle Solicitors Albania, you gain access to a reliable team of legal professionals dedicated to your success in the global marketplace. We offer personalized attention, clear communication, and cost-effective solutions, empowering you to navigate the complexities of FDI and cross-border transactions with confidence and clarity.

Contact Us Today:

Contact us today by calling +355 69 693 7763 or visiting our contact page to schedule a consultation and discuss your specific FDI and cross-border transaction needs. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your international business endeavors.

Our services

Foreign Investment Advisory: Our lawyers provide comprehensive advisory services to guide your organisation through foreign investment opportunities. We assist in evaluating investment risks, understanding local regulations, and structuring transactions to maximise benefits while complying with all legal requirements.

Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: We support you in mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures across borders. Our firm handles due diligence, regulatory approvals, and transaction documentation to ensure seamless and legally sound cross-border deals.

International Contract Negotiations: Our team is skilled in negotiating and drafting international contracts, such as distribution agreements, licensing agreements, and technology transfer agreements. We aim to safeguard your interests while fostering successful collaborations with foreign partners.


Foreign investment involves a range of legal considerations, including foreign investment regulations, tax implications, intellectual property protection, and compliance with local labour laws. Our international lawyers provide guidance to navigate these complexities and make informed investment decisions.

Our firm conducts thorough due diligence on cross-border transactions to identify potential legal risks and challenges. We provide strategic advice on risk mitigation strategies and ensure that all aspects of the transaction comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Yes, we offer dispute resolution services for international contracts. Our lawyers are experienced in handling cross-border disputes through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration.

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