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In today’s globalized economy, attracting and retaining top talent from around the world is essential for business success. At Oracle Solicitors Albania, our skilled immigration lawyers are here to guide your business through the process of securing work permits for foreign employees in Albania.

Demystifying Work Permit Categories:

Understanding the various work permit categories in Albania is crucial for selecting the most suitable option for your foreign employee’s needs. Here’s a structured breakdown of the key categories:

Work Permits for Employees (A/P):

    • Most common type for foreign employees working for a specific Albanian employer.
    • Requires an employment contract and proof of qualifications.


Seasonal Work Permits (A/PS):

    • Issued for short-term, seasonal work (up to 6 months).
    • Ideal for temporary projects or seasonal tasks.


Work Permits for Internal Transfers within the Enterprise (A/TN):

    • Enables intra-company transfers of employees from one branch to another within the same company.
    • Requires documentation demonstrating the transfer within the company structure.


Work Permits for Students (A/S):

    • Allows foreign students enrolled in accredited Albanian institutions to work part-time or during breaks.
    • Proof of student enrollment and limited work hours required.


Cross-border Employment Permit (A/NK):

    • Allows citizens of neighboring countries to work in Albania for short periods without establishing residency.
    • Specific border regions and duration limitations apply.


Additional Work Permit Categories:

    • A/FP: Work permit for professional training
    • A/SHV: Work permit for voluntary service providers
    • A/KL: Work permit for highly skilled workers (specific qualifications and proof of market demand required)
    • A/SP: Work permit for athletes


Self-Employment Permit (B/VP):

    • Enables foreigners to establish and manage their own businesses in Albania.
    • Requires a business plan and proof of sufficient financial resources.


Investor Work Permit (B/I):

    • Issued to foreign investors who meet specific investment criteria.
    • Requires proof of investment amount and business registration.


Special Cases Work Permit (C):

    • Covers specific situations not addressed by other categories, such as religious missions or cultural exchange programs.
    • Requires individual case assessment by the authorities.


Work Permit for Permanent Residents (D):

    • Granted to individuals who have held a work permit in Albania for a continuous period and meet specific criteria.
    • Requires proof of previous work permit and meeting residency eligibility.


Contractual Services Work Permit (C/SHK):

    • Allows foreign individuals to provide specific services under a contract in Albania.
    • Requires a valid contract outlining the service provided.


Work Permit for Family Reunification (A/AF):

    • Issued to spouses, children, and dependent parents of Albanian citizens.
    • Requires proof of family relationship and financial support by the Albanian citizen.

Partnering with Oracle Solicitors Albania for Success:

With our in-depth knowledge of Albanian work permit regulations and streamlined application process, we can help you:

  • Navigate complex legal frameworks with confidence.
  • Save time and resources by ensuring efficient application processing.
  • Benefit from multilingual support throughout the process.
  • Receive ongoing assistance throughout the work permit’s validity period.

Contact Us Today:

Don’t let complex work permit regulations hinder your ability to build a diverse and successful team in Albania. Schedule a consultation with our experienced team by calling +355 69 693 7763 or visiting our contact page. We are here to unlock the full potential of your business by assisting you in securing the necessary work permits for your foreign employees.

Our services

Work Permit Eligibility Assessment: We provide personalised consultations to assess your business’s specific workforce needs and determine the appropriate work permit category for your prospective employees.

Comprehensive Work Permit Application Support: Our team guides you through the entire work permit application process, from gathering required documentation to completing the necessary forms.


The requirements for obtaining a work permit in Albania depend on the type of employment and the specific visa category. Generally, businesses need to demonstrate a genuine need for hiring foreign employees, provide a valid employment contract, and adhere to the quota limits set by Albanian authorities.

Yes, we can assist in obtaining work permits for short-term assignments. Whether your business requires professionals for a specific project or training program, we help ensure the right application is considered.

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