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Drafting Tenders and Documents

At Oracle Solicitors Albania, we understand that compliant and compelling tender documents are the cornerstone of success in Albanian public procurement and PPPs. Our seasoned procurement lawyers leverage their in-depth knowledge of Law No. 162/2020 “On Public Procurement” to provide you with a comprehensive legal advantage. We go beyond basic drafting to ensure your tenders not only meet all legal requirements but also effectively showcase your qualifications and stand out from the competition.

Why Choose Oracle Solicitors Albania?

Expert Tender Document Drafting Tailored to Law No. 162/2020:

  • We don’t just draft; we strategize. We work closely with you to understand your specific project, objectives, and capabilities. Then, we craft compelling and legally compliant tender documents that:
      • Adhere to the specific requirements mandated by Law No. 162/2020 regarding the Tender Documents. This ensures your documents are:
        • Clear, concise, and unambiguous to avoid any misinterpretations.
        • Available in Albanian as required by law.
        • Free of discriminatory or misleading information to maintain a fair and transparent process.
      • Clearly outline project requirements: We ensure your tender documents provide a comprehensive and accurate picture of:
        • Project scope and objectives: What are you trying to achieve?
        • Technical specifications and quality standards: What are the specific requirements the project deliverables must meet?
        • Delivery timelines and performance requirements: When and how must the project be completed?
  • Specify transparent and objective evaluation criteria: We assist you in defining fair and non-discriminatory evaluation criteria aligned with Law No. 162/2020. This ensures a level playing field and may include criteria such as:
      • Price and total cost of your proposal.
      • Technical expertise and experience of your team to deliver the project.
      • Qualifications and capacity to meet the project requirements.
  • Outline contractual terms that protect your interests: We ensure clear communication of key contractual terms within the tender documents, including:
      • Payment terms and conditions: When and how will you be paid?
      • Intellectual property rights: Who owns the rights to any project developments?
      • Termination clauses and dispute resolution mechanisms: What happens if the project needs to be terminated, and how will disputes be resolved?


Impeccable Legal Reviews for Peace of Mind: We don’t just draft, we safeguard your investment. Our lawyers conduct meticulous legal reviews of your draft tender documents:

  • Identifying and addressing any potential legal inconsistencies or non-compliance with Law No. 162/2020. We ensure your tender is legally sound and avoids potential challenges.
  • Minimizing the risk of legal challenges or objections from other bidders.
  • Ensuring your tender is positioned for success within the legal framework governing public procurement in Albania.

Beyond Tender Documents: Compelling PPP Proposals

We understand the complexities of PPPs and the importance of a well-structured proposal. We assist you in crafting compelling PPP proposals that:

  • Address key aspects mandated by Law no. 125/2013 “On concessions and public-private partnership” This ensures your proposal considers:
    • Risk allocation mechanisms: A fair and balanced distribution of risks between public and private partners.
    • Financial arrangements: Financing structures, revenue streams, and cost-sharing models.
    • Operational responsibilities: Clearly defined roles and responsibilities of each party throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Effectively communicate your qualifications, experience, and added value to the proposed PPP project. Showcase why you are the ideal partner for success.

Your Trusted Partner for Public Procurement and PPP Success

By partnering with Oracle Solicitors Albania, you gain access to a reliable team of legal professionals dedicated to your success in public procurement and PPPs in Albania. We offer personalized attention, clear communication, and cost-effective solutions, empowering you to navigate the process with confidence and clarity.

Contact Us Today:

Contact us today by calling +355 69 693 7763 or visiting our contact page to schedule a consultation and discuss your specific public procurement or PPP needs. Let us help you craft winning tenders and proposals that showcase your capabilities and secure your place in successful procurements and PPP ventures.

Our services

Tender Document Drafting: Our lawyers assist in drafting comprehensive and clear tender documents that accurately outline project requirements, evaluation criteria, and contractual terms.

Legal Review: We conduct thorough legal reviews of draft tender documents, ensuring that they align with regulatory requirements, protect your interests, and minimise potential legal risks.

PPP Proposal Preparation: We assist in preparing PPP proposals that address key aspects, such as risk-sharing mechanisms, financial arrangements, and operational responsibilities.


Tender documents outline the project’s scope, requirements, terms, and evaluation criteria. They provide essential information to bidders and ensure a transparent and competitive procurement or PPP process.

Our expertise ensures that tender documents accurately reflect legal and contractual requirements, minimise ambiguities, and align with industry standards, enhancing the quality of proposals.

A PPP proposal should include a clear project description, financial feasibility, risk assessment, allocation of responsibilities, dispute resolution mechanisms, and a detailed implementation plan.


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