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Our people


In 2002 Sajjad Shan founded Oracle Solicitors. Under his leadership, the firm has steadily grown to become a full-service law firm in all areas of...


Claire is the Chief Operating Officer. She is responsible for the overall operational performance of the Group and ensuring that the executive strategy is implemented.

Kristi Vako

His astute legal acumen, honed through extensive experience and postgraduate studies at Humboldt University in Berlin, coupled with his strategic thinking and unwavering dedication to...


Rubin is a lawyer that specialises in corporate advisory, employment, intellectual property and disputes resolution.

Antea Nano

Antea Nano is a lawyer in our disputes resolution team, she helps clients through the process of complaints.


Redon is a lawyer in the litigation department, supporting clients processing and defending against consumer lawsuits.

Eva Tafciu

Eva is a dedicated legal practitioner with extensive experience in the field of law, particularly in Aviation Law and Civil Law.


Ilmi has completed various internships, which has helped him gain invaluable experience. He is extremely knowledgeable in the intricacies and application of civil law.

Ervin Valbona

Ervin is a corporate and commercial lawyer in our aviation team.


Erjola is an expert in environmental law and commercial law, where she provides detailed advice services to her clients.


Igli is a laywer in our corporate and commercial team working in sectors such as aviation, helping clients navigate complex issues.


Evanthi is a lawyer with expertise in aviation law, commercial contracts, administrative law, and insurance law.


Nevila works as part of the litigation team, assisting clients in managing consumer complaints and disputes.


Klejsjana is a highly skilled in-house lawyer based in Oracle's Tirana office.


Xhei is a lawyer with extensive experience in the aviation sector and particularly the challenges faced by airlines.


Arbjola gained experience in document and information management as an archivist. She is extremely knowledgeable with a great communication skill.

Fjona Kopali

Fjona’s areas of expertise include administrative procedures, diplomacy and foreign affairs, private law, international law, labor law, legal tech, intellectual property, software and data, and...

Geri Goga

Geri is a legal administrator working closely with the lawyers to help them deliver quality services to their clients.


Eralda provides legal support to the lawyers. She has a detailed knowledge of legal precedent and the litigation process.

Mal Kelmendi

Mal works in Oracle’s Tirana office as a Legal Administrator working closely with the lawyers on litigation cases.


Erdeta works closely with the lawyers in the team, assisting them with research and administrative tasks.

Xhoni Rama

Xhoni is a legal administrator. He is responsible for helping to assist lawyers with general research tasks.

Sara Xhixhabesi

Sara is a legal administrative assistant, based in Tirana, she provides technical support to the legal team, assisting with all their administrative needs.


Lidia është koordinatore ligjore në zyrën e Oracle Solicitors Albania. Ajo mbështet avokatët dhe ekipin ligjor me detyra administrative. Ajo koordinon menaxhimin e dosjeve, kryen...


Dhimitraq Vako is the office administrator responsible for the general office operations including facilities management.

Linda Deda

Linda is a lawyer and specialises in public affairs, providing comprehensive advice to a variety of clients.


Alessja's role includes the attraction, selection and development of solicitors, other fee earners and business support staff.

Besmir Meta

Besmir heads our IT team and is responsible for the information and data security of the firm, he provides detailed advice on IT capabilities.

Franci Dema

Franci’s role is to maintain, support and administer the internal and cloud based IT infrastructure of the global group.


Benita is a business analyst responsible for interrogating data and providing feedback to the heads of legal and directors.


Shpresim is a Business Analyst responsible for data analytics of our processes and the business administration team.


Era provides detailed analyses of the firm's performance in line with expected data metrics.

Arold Emiri

Arnold is a business analyst working with the international teams to assess timelines and conducted detailed research.


Vilma is a business analyst responsible for interrogating data for our directors and the heads of legal in the team.