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Content Licensing and Distribution

Content licensing and distribution agreements are the cornerstone of media operations, ensuring legal rights, revenue streams, and audience reach. Our legal expertise ensures that your content is licensed and distributed in compliance with regulations and contractual obligations.

Our services

Licensing Strategy: Our lawyers help strategise licensing models that align with your content and business objectives, negotiating terms that protect your rights and revenue.

Distribution Agreements: We draft, review, and negotiate distribution agreements, covering distribution channels, territories, exclusivity, compensation, and intellectual property matters.

Intellectual Property Protection: We offer advice on intellectual property rights, copyright enforcement, and digital piracy prevention to safeguard your content assets.

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Content licensing and distribution involve legally granting permission to use and distribute creative works, such as videos, music, images, and texts, across various platforms and channels.

Challenges may include piracy, contract disputes, territorial restrictions, and intellectual property infringement. Legal guidance helps address these challenges proactively.


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