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Real Estate Taxation

Real estate taxation involves a series of complex regulations and tax implications that can significantly impact the financial aspects of property transactions. Engaging expert legal guidance is essential to ensure tax-efficient strategies that align with your business objectives.

Our services

Tax Planning for Real Estate Transactions: Our tax law experts devise comprehensive legal tax planning strategies tailored to your specific real estate transactions.

Property Transfer Taxes and Registration: We assist in navigating property transfer taxes and registration requirements, ensuring compliance with tax laws during property acquisitions and dispositions.

Tax Dispute Resolution: In the event of tax disputes or audits related to real estate transactions, Oracle Solicitors provides legal representation to protect your interests and achieve fair resolutions.

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Common types of taxes associated with real estate transactions include property transfer taxes, capital gains tax on property sales, property taxes, and value-added tax (VAT) on certain real estate transactions. Our lawyers guide you on how these taxes apply to your specific transactions.

If you are facing a real estate tax dispute or audit, it is essential to seek legal representation promptly. Our experienced tax lawyers can advocate on your behalf, respond to the tax authorities’ inquiries, and work towards a fair resolution to protect your interests.


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