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Patent Drafting and Specifications

Navigating the intricacies of patent drafting in Albania requires a specialized skillset. At Oracle Solicitors Albania, our team of highly qualified patent attorneys possesses both the technical expertise and in-depth understanding of Albanian intellectual property law to craft compelling patent specifications that meet the rigorous standards of the General Directorate of Industrial Property (DPPI).

Our Tailored Patent Drafting Services:

Invention Evaluation: We engage in comprehensive consultations with inventors to thoroughly grasp the technical functionalities and inventive aspects of their creations, ensuring that patent drafts accurately reflect the innovations and adhere to the patentability criteria outlined in Law No. 9947/2008 “On Industrial Property,” specifically novelty, inventive step, and industrial applicability.


Comprehensive Patent Specifications: Our team drafts meticulous and legally sound patent specifications that comprehensively describe the invention’s:

  • Structure: A clear and concise breakdown of the invention’s physical components and their arrangement, aligning with the requirements of Law No. 9947/2008.
  • Operation: A thorough explanation of how the invention functions and achieves its intended purpose.
  • Unique Features: Highlighting the invention’s novel and inventive aspects, as defined in Law No. 9947/2008, and distinguishing it from prior art, thereby maximizing the scope of protection.


Legal Precision: We meticulously craft patent drafts that adhere to the legal standards and requirements set forth in Law No. 9947/2008 and relevant DPPI regulations, minimizing the risk of rejections and ensuring a smoother examination process. This minimizes delays and expedites the grant of patent protection.

Contact Us Today:

Schedule a consultation with our experienced IP lawyers at Oracle Solicitors Albania by calling +355 69 693 7763 or visiting our contact page. We are dedicated to helping you secure robust and legally compliant patent protection for your inventions in Albania.

Our services

Invention Evaluation: Our lawyers work closely with inventors to understand the technical and functional aspects of their inventions, ensuring that patent drafts accurately represent their innovations.

Comprehensive Patent Specifications: We assist in drafting comprehensive patent specifications that describe the invention’s structure, operation, and unique features in detail, maximising the scope of patent protection.

Legal Precision: We ensure that patent drafts adhere to the legal standards and requirements set by the patent office, reducing the likelihood of rejections and facilitating a smoother examination process.


A patent draft, also known as a patent application, serves as a detailed description of the invention and its technical aspects. It plays a crucial role in the patent application process by enabling patent examiners to assess the novelty and inventive step of the concept.

We employ a collaborative approach, working closely with inventors to grasp the technical intricacies of their inventions. We then craft patent specifications that not only meet legal requirements but also encompass the uniqueness and innovation of the concept.

A well-drafted patent specification provides a clear and detailed description of the invention’s unique features, making it difficult for others to replicate the concept without permission. While a patent itself does not prevent infringement, it provides the legal basis for taking action against unauthorised use.


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