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Patent Drafting and Specifications

Patent drafting requires more than just describing an invention; it demands a meticulous understanding of technical details and legal nuances. We can help you to craft patent specifications that not only meet the legal requirements of the General Directorate of Industrial Property (DPPI) but also comprehensively cover the unique aspects of your invention.

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Invention Evaluation: Our lawyers work closely with inventors to understand the technical and functional aspects of their inventions, ensuring that patent drafts accurately represent their innovations.

Comprehensive Patent Specifications: We assist in drafting comprehensive patent specifications that describe the invention’s structure, operation, and unique features in detail, maximising the scope of patent protection.

Legal Precision: We ensure that patent drafts adhere to the legal standards and requirements set by the patent office, reducing the likelihood of rejections and facilitating a smoother examination process.

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A patent draft, also known as a patent application, serves as a detailed description of the invention and its technical aspects. It plays a crucial role in the patent application process by enabling patent examiners to assess the novelty and inventive step of the concept.

We employ a collaborative approach, working closely with inventors to grasp the technical intricacies of their inventions. We then craft patent specifications that not only meet legal requirements but also encompass the uniqueness and innovation of the concept.

A well-drafted patent specification provides a clear and detailed description of the invention’s unique features, making it difficult for others to replicate the concept without permission. While a patent itself does not prevent infringement, it provides the legal basis for taking action against unauthorised use.


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