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Industrial Designs and Trade Secrets

Safeguarding your valuable intellectual property (IP) is critical in today’s competitive landscape. At Oracle Solicitors Albania, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in securing and enforcing their industrial design and trademark rights, as stipulated in Articles 112-175 of Law No. 9947/2008 “On Industrial Property” (amended by Law No. 55/2014).

Our Tailored Services:

Industrial Design Protection:

  • Registration Process: Our experienced IP lawyers guide you through the registration process with the General Directorate of Industrial Property (DPPI), ensuring adherence to all legal requirements outlined in Articles 112-131 of Law No. 9947/2008. This typically involves a 2-3 month timeframe upon submission of a complete application.
  • Strategic Guidance: We offer strategic advice on maximizing the scope and enforceability of your design protection, including:
      • Identifying the novelty and individual character of your design, as defined in Article 113 of Law No. 9947/2008.
      • Selecting the appropriate design classifications for optimal protection.
      • Drafting a clear and concise design specification with detailed descriptions and visuals.
  • Post-Registration Support: We provide ongoing support in managing your design portfolio, including monitoring registration lifespans, renewal procedures, and potential infringement issues.


Trademark Protection:

  • Trademark Search and Availability: We conduct thorough trademark searches to assess the availability of your desired trademark and identify potential conflicts with existing registrations. This process aligns with the requirements outlined in Articles 145-155 of Law No. 9947/2008.
  • Trademark Application and Registration: We assist you with drafting and filing comprehensive trademark applications with the DPPI, ensuring compliance with legal formalities and maximizing the chances of successful registration.
  • Trademark Portfolio Management: We offer ongoing support in managing your trademark portfolio, including monitoring registered trademarks, renewal procedures, and potential infringement issues as stipulated in Articles 156-164 of Law No. 9947/2008.
    • Enforcement and Dispute Resolution: In the event of infringement, we provide strong legal representation to enforce your trademark rights and seek appropriate remedies, adhering to the legal framework established in Articles 167-171 of Law No. 9947/2008.

Our services

Industrial Design Protection: Our lawyers assist in registering industrial designs, ensuring that your creative designs are legally protected against imitation and unauthorised use.

Trade Secret Management: We provide guidance on implementing robust trade secret protection measures, including drafting confidentiality agreements and policies to safeguard your confidential information.

Litigation and Enforcement: In cases of infringement or breaches of confidentiality, we provide strong legal representation to enforce your rights and seek remedies for damages incurred.


An industrial design refers to the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of an article, such as its shape, pattern, or ornamentation. Industrial designs are protected through registration, granting the owner exclusive rights to prevent unauthorised use of the design.

A trade secret is confidential business information that provides a competitive advantage. This could include formulas, processes, customer lists, and more. Trade secrets are protected through confidentiality agreements, restricted access, and other protective measures.


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