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Foundations and Association Law

Our legal team provide our clients with comprehensive and reliable legal solutions for all your charity-related matters. We understand the sector and have in-depth knowledge of the law, ensuring that your charitable organisation operates seamlessly and in full compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

If you are looking to set up a foundation or association, or just need advice on the regulatory and legislative framework that governs your charitable organisation then our legal experts can help. A non-profit organisation can be set up in three forms: association, foundation or a centre. This is expressed in Article 10 of Law no. 8788 on non-profit organisations.

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Establishment and Registration of Foundations and Associations: We understand that setting up a foundation or association can be a complex process. Our legal experts guide you through every step, ensuring that your non-profit meets all necessary requirements for successful registration, which includes statute or establishment act.

For foundations that are established by testamentary deed, we can file in accordance with a valid last Will and Testament.

Legal Compliance and Governance: Navigating the legal requirements of operating a foundation or association can be overwhelming. Our lawyers provide ongoing support, ensuring your non-profit adheres to all applicable laws and regulations. We also offer comprehensive governance solutions, helping you establish clear internal structures and policies to enhance transparency and accountability.

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Foundations and associations are both forms of non-profit entities, but they differ in their legal characteristics. A foundation is typically established with a testamentary Will. On the other hand, an association is based on the voluntary membership of individuals who come together for a common purpose. The legal requirements and governance structures for foundations and associations also vary, making it essential to choose the appropriate legal form based on your charity’s objectives.

Registering your foundation or association offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides legal recognition, allowing your charity to operate transparently and access certain privileges, including tax exemptions and public funding. Secondly, registration enhances your non-profits credibility, making it more attractive to donors and partners. Finally, registered charities enjoy a level of legal protection, ensuring that their assets are used exclusively for charitable purposes.

Yes, it is mandatory for foundations and associations to register with the NPOs registry at the Tirana First Judicial Instance Court to operate legally. The registration process ensures that your charity meets the necessary legal standards and commits to fulfilling its charitable objectives. It is important to note that unregistered charities may face legal consequences and restrictions on their activities, so timely registration is crucial for compliant and successful charitable operations.

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