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Grant Making and Donor Management

Our legal experts assist non-profit foundations and associations in grant making and donor management, providing comprehensive legal support to enhance your organisation’s effectiveness and sustainability. With a deep understanding of the non-profit sector, we are dedicated to empowering your impactful mission through strategic grant management and donor relations.

Why effective grant making and donor management matters?

Effective grant making and donor management are essential for non-profit foundations and associations seeking to maximise their impact. By strategically managing grants and fostering strong donor relationships, your organisation can secure critical funding, sustain its programs, and extend its reach to make a lasting difference in the community.

Our services

Grant Making and Funding Strategy: Our lawyers work closely with you to develop a customised grant making and funding strategy aligned with your mission and objectives.

Legal Compliance for Grant Management: We ensure that your grant management processes adhere to all relevant laws and regulations. Our team review and negotiate grant agreements to protect your organisation’s interests while maintaining transparency and accountability.

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Accepting grants from international donors may involve additional legal considerations, such as compliance with foreign funding regulations and reporting requirements. Our lawyers guide you through the legal aspects of accepting international grants, ensuring you remain compliant.

Grant-related risks can include financial, programmatic, and legal challenges. Our legal team conduct a thorough risk assessment, identifying potential vulnerabilities and devising strategies to mitigate these risks.

Yes, we can assist in developing a sustainable fundraising strategy tailored to your organisation’s unique mission and goals. Our lawyers provide insights into diverse fundraising techniques, including grant making, individual giving, corporate partnerships, and more.

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