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Corporate Immigration Law

Our experts specialise in helping our clients with bringing in global talent and navigating the complex laws governing corporate immigration. Our immigration lawyers are committed to helping you achieve your international business goals and ensuring a smooth and successful process for hiring outside of Albania when required.

Our lawyers are multi-lingual and therefore can support with your application whilst ensuring that you understand the intricacies of any legislation or process. We support you obtain your work registration certificate should you not be exempt and work more than the required days per year.

The immigration law is known as the Law on Foreigners, which outlines that migrants from the US, the EU and Schengen area have equal rights to Albanian citizens. Whereas, those from other territories require work registration certificates and are governed by bilateral agreements with those other territories.

Any foreigner that is staying in Albania for longer than 90 days needs to apply for a residence permit.

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Business Visa and Work Registration Certificates: Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, or skilled professional, obtaining the appropriate business visa and work permit is crucial. Our immigration experts guide you through the application process, ensuring that all required documents are prepared accurately and submitted on time.

Business Immigration Compliance: Staying compliant with immigration laws is essential for individuals and businesses. Our immigration lawyers keep you updated on any changes in regulations that may affect your immigration status. We also assist in managing the renewal or extension of visas and work permits, ensuring continuous legal residency in the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility for a business visa may vary depending on the type of visa and the purpose of your visit. Generally, applicants must provide proof of their business intentions, financial stability, and a clean criminal record. Specific documentation requirements may differ based on individual circumstances, and our immigration lawyers assess individual situations to determine the most suitable visa category and guide you through the application process.

Yes, in many cases, family reunification is possible under a business visa or work permit in Albania. Spouses and dependent children may be eligible to join the main applicant. Our immigration experts can help you understand the family reunification process, the required documentation, and any additional steps needed to ensure a smooth relocation for your family.

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