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Procurement Law and Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

Public Procurement refers to the process by which government organizations and public sector entities acquire goods, services, or construction projects from external suppliers or contractors. It’s a structured and regulated procedure that ensures transparency, fairness, and competition in the acquisition of these goods and services. Public procurement is a crucial component of government operations, as it involves the allocation of public funds and resources to various projects and services that benefit society as a whole.

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Procurement Advisory: Our lawyers provide guidance on procurement regulations, ensuring that your organisation follows transparent procedures in government contracts.

PPP Structuring: We assist in structuring public-private partnerships, drafting agreements that define roles, responsibilities, and risk-sharing mechanisms for both parties.

Dispute Resolution: We offers legal representation in procurement and PPP-related disputes, advocating for your interests and presenting compelling arguments.

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Procurement law governs the process by which government entities acquire goods, services, and works. It aims to ensure transparency, fairness, and competition in government contracts.

A PPP is a legal contract usually concluded through the exchange of written communication, between one or more economic operators and one or more state contracting authorities, whose object is the performance of works, the supply of goods and/or services, in accordance with the law.

Engaging legal expertise ensures that your organisation complies with procurement regulations, reduces the risk of disputes, and optimises the structuring of PPPs for mutual benefit.


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