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Incoterms Rules in Transportation Agreements

Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) are essential tools for clarifying rights and obligations between buyers and sellers in international trade. Engaging legal expertise ensures that you choose the appropriate Incoterms, reduce disputes, and minimise risks.

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Incoterms Guidance: Our lawyers guide you in selecting the most suitable Incoterms for your transactions, considering factors such as mode of transportation and delivery location.

Contractual Clarity: We assist in drafting transportation agreements that accurately reflect the chosen Incoterms, specifying responsibilities, risks, and obligations of each party.

Dispute Avoidance: Our lawyers help prevent disputes by ensuring that Incoterms are well-understood, properly applied, and align with your organization’s trade goals.

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Incoterms are internationally recognised terms that define the responsibilities, risks, and costs of buyers and sellers in international trade, indicating when the risk of loss or damage transfers from seller to buyer.

Incoterms influence the terms of transportation agreements by determining points of transfer, responsibilities for shipping costs, insurance, customs clearance, and delivery obligations.

Our expertise ensures that Incoterms are chosen correctly, integrated into transportation agreements accurately, and prevent misunderstandings or disputes related to responsibility and risk.


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