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Evanthi Mara

Evanthi is a lawyer in our dispute resolution team. She possesses deep expertise in various legal fields, including aviation law, commercial contracts, administrative law, and insurance law. Her extensive experience in aviation law allows her to navigate complex aviation-related disputes, ensuring accurate and effective solutions. Furthermore, Evanthi's expertise in contract law enables her to provide comprehensive advice on drafting and negotiating contracts, safeguarding clients' interests in critical business transactions. Additionally, her experience in insurance law allows her to handle insurance claims and disputes with finesse and professionalism, protecting clients' interests and ensuring favorable resolutions.

In addition to her broad expertise in various legal fields, Evanthi possesses strong analytical skills. Her negotiation skills enable her to effectively communicate with opposing parties, seeking favorable solutions for her clients. Evanthi's meticulous attention to detail ensures that no aspect is overlooked, strengthening the accuracy of her legal analysis and argumentation.

Beyond her professional achievements, Evanthi is known for her client-focused approach. She empathetically understands the needs and objectives of our clients, offering personalized legal solutions that align with their unique requirements.

Evanthi's unwavering passion for the law, coupled with her dedication to excellence, guarantees clients of Oracle Solicitors exceptional counsel and representation.


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