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Breach of a business contract can be very damaging and our commercial litigation solicitors can assist you throughout the dispute and advise you on your options to end the dispute whilst protecting the interests of the company. 

Our experienced commercial litigation solicitors have advised companies of all sizes, including sole-traders, SMEs, and large national and international organisations. We have worked with the following types of contract disputes:

Our experienced commercial litigation solicitors have expertise in the following areas:

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There are several key aspects to be aware of when facing a contractual dispute. These include elements such as understanding the terms and provisions of the contract, identifying potential breaches, preserving evidence of the dispute, assessing any dispute resolution clauses, and considering alternative dispute resolution methods.

You should be looking at the options available, much of which are outlined in the contract, these include seeking damages, specific performance, injunctions, or termination of the contract.

You need skilled legal representation to assess the situation, determine the appropriate legal remedies, and guide you through the dispute resolution process.

Prevention is key when it comes to contractual disputes. You can minimise the risk of future disputes by ensuring clear and comprehensive contract drafting, conducting thorough due diligence before entering into agreements, implementing effective contract management processes, and seeking legal review of contracts before signing.

We would stress the importance of proactive legal advice to mitigate potential risks and maintain healthy commercial relationships.

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