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Shareholder Disputes

Internal disputes within a company, especially those involving shareholders and directors, can have a significant impact on the business’s operations and success.

Our business dispute solicitors are here to provide you with expert advice in relation to any form of company dispute involving directors, shareholders or partners.

Our experts recognise the sensitivity and potential long-term implications of internal company disputes. Our lawyers adopt a strategic and pragmatic approach, taking into account both legal and commercial considerations. We focus on finding practical and cost-effective solutions that protect your commercial reputation, relationships, and financial interests.

Whether through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, our skilled lawyers are well-versed in various dispute resolution techniques. We are committed to exploring all viable options to resolve conflicts amicably and efficiently, whilst minimising disruption to your business.

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If your company is facing internal conflicts between shareholders or directors, seeking timely legal advice is crucial. Contact Oracle Solicitors today on +355 69 693 7763 or leave your message to schedule a consultation with our experienced legal experts.


Internal shareholder or director disputes can arise due to various factors. It might by that shareholders or directors may have divergent visions for the company’s future direction or conflicting goals, leading to disagreements on strategic decisions.

Further, a dispute could occur when shareholders or directors feel their voice is not adequately heard. Disagreements may also arise regarding the distribution of profits, dividend policies, or the allocation of financial resources within the company.

It may be more serious and a breach of your duties. Allegations of breach of directors duties, such as self-dealing, mismanagement, or conflicts of interest, can lead to more complicated legal disputes.

Our experienced lawyers can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the process of navigating internal shareholder or director disputes.

Our experts specialise in corporate law can assess the legal aspects of the dispute, provide advice on your rights and obligations, and develop a strategic approach to achieve a favourable outcome. We can offer you a variety of dispute resolution techniques whilst advocating your interests.

We review shareholder agreements, and other relevant contracts to identify any provisions that may be useful in resolving the dispute or preventing future conflicts.

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