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Sara works as a Legal Coordinator at the Oracle Solicitors office in Tirana, providing technical support to the legal team and assisting with expertise for all their administrative needs.

With a background in Political Science from the University of Tirana, Sara's academic experience has been enriched by her work experience at the Ministry of Education and Sports, where she gained valuable knowledge in human resources. Her time there has contributed to her exceptional professionalism, making her distant, highly motivated, and driven to excel in her efforts.

Sara's journey of personal growth is evident, as she transitioned from a quiet but eager student in her early years to a confident and outgoing individual. Her continuous thirst for knowledge and willingness to embrace new challenges illustrates her commitment to continuous improvement.

As a legal coordinator, Sara's self-assurance and proactive approach ensure seamless collaboration with colleagues and clients. Her outgoing nature promotes effective communication, allowing her to build strong relationships within the legal team and beyond.

Sara Xhixhabesi's contributions as a legal coordinator reflect her dedication to excellence and her outstanding role in optimizing legal operations at the Oracle office in Tirana.

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