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Fjona Kopali

Fjona is a Legal Coordinator in our the aviation department in Tirana, Albania. With a strong academic background and diverse experience in the legal field, Fjona brings valuable expertise to her role.

Fjona’s areas of expertise include administrative procedures, diplomacy and foreign affairs, private law, international law, labor law, legal tech, intellectual property, software and data, and business analytics.

Fjona is responsible for the overseeing and managing the workflow of legal cases within the firm. This involves assigning tasks, tracking deadlines, and ensuring the timely completion of work. Further, she facilitates communication and coordination among lawyers, clients, and other stakeholders, whilst providing administrative and legal support. Fjona assists case handlers in the preparation and filing of legal documents.

Fjona is a licensed attorney, and possesses the skills and qualifications to navigate the complexities of the law. She is highly proficient in various aspects of law and has developed a keen interest in private and international law, including labor, software, data, technology, and intellectual property law. Fjona's wide-ranging expertise allows her to effectively handle diverse legal matters and provide comprehensive support to clients.

Fjona pursued her legal education at the esteemed Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana. She distinguished herself by specializing in public law and obtaining both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Public Law. Her in-depth understanding of this field serves as a solid foundation for her work in the legal industry.

Fjona's commitment to professional growth extends beyond her academic achievements. She is fluent in several foreign languages, having completed her education at a renowned foreign languages high school, where she excelled in English, German, and Italian. This linguistic prowess enhances her ability to communicate with international clients and handle legal matters that involve cross-border interactions.

Fjona's passion for the legal profession extends beyond her day-to-day responsibilities. She is well-versed in legal tech advancements and remains up-to-date with the latest developments in software, data, and business analytics. Her keen interest in intellectual property allows her to provide valuable insights and support to clients in this complex area of law.

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