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Redon Tartari

Redon Tartari is a lawyer in the litigation department. His work focuses on supporting clients of trading companies in processing and defending against consumer lawsuits.

Redon's legal expertise also extends to Banking Law, with several years of experience as a lawyer in a financial institution. In this role, he has developed expertise in corporate law, litigation processes, debt recovery, dispute resolution, and lawsuit preparation. Redon Tartari has represented clients in various judicial instances, including First Instance Courts, Administrative Courts, and Courts of Appeal, using his skills to defend clients in various legal areas.

Furthermore, Redon Tartari has extensive experience in civil law. He consistently advises clients on civil disputes and provides legal representation in various civil matters.

In addition to his legal knowledge, Redon Tartari speaks several foreign languages ​​fluently, including English, Italian, and Spanish.

Redon's dedication to his profession and clients' interests, combined with his diverse experience, make him a reliable partner for Oracle Solicitors' clients.


Areas of Expertise