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Xhei Shkëmbi

Xhei Shkembi works as a lawyer in our office in Tirana.

With a specialisation in aviation law, Xhei Shkembi brings broad expertise in this complex legal field. Her extensive experience and deep understanding of the challenges faced by airlines make her a highly sought-after legal professional in this industry. She demonstrates exceptional skills in conducting thorough legal research, constructing compelling arguments, and meticulously gathering and analyzing client documentation. Her ability to navigate the complexity of aviation law is a testament to her commitment to protecting clients' interests.

Beyond her legal prowess, Xhei is known for her exceptional interpersonal skills and effective communication abilities. Her empathetic nature allows her to build strong relationships with clients, earning their trust.

Xhei's areas of practice extend beyond aviation law. She has in-depth expertise in contract law, where she demonstrates her accuracy in drafting and negotiating agreements, safeguarding her clients' interests in business transactions.

Furthermore, her comprehensive understanding of labor law enables her to provide detailed consultancy on workplace disputes, offering valuable legal advice to both employers and employees. In the field of commercial law, she provides strategic legal advice on various business-related issues.

Xhei's dedication to her profession and commitment to excellence make her a reliable partner for our clients.


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