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Administrative Contracts

Administrative contracts involve interactions between individuals, businesses, and government authorities. We ensure that contracts are properly structured, compliant with regulations, and protect the rights and interests of all parties involved. We help you navigate administrative contracts, ensuring transparency, and fostering successful collaborations with government entities.

Our services

Contract Drafting: Our lawyers assist in drafting administrative contracts that clearly outline the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of all parties, ensuring transparency and minimising risks.

Contract Review: We review existing administrative contracts to identify potential issues, ensure legal compliance, and recommend necessary amendments.

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution: Our lawyers provide legal support during contract negotiations and represents clients in dispute resolution processes, ensuring that contract-related issues are effectively addressed.

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An administrative contract is a legally binding agreement between a private individual or entity and a government authority. These contracts cover various matters, such as public procurement, public-private partnerships, concessions, and licensing.

Legal expertise ensures that administrative contracts are well-drafted, compliant with relevant laws, and protect the interests of all parties. It also helps in resolving contract-related disputes and navigating complex regulatory frameworks.

An administrative contract should include clear terms regarding the subject matter, obligations of each party, payment terms, dispute resolution mechanisms, and provisions for contract termination and enforcement.


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