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Eva Tafciu

Eva is a dedicated legal practitioner with extensive experience in the field of law, particularly in Aviation Law and Civil Law.

Ervin Valbona

Ervin is a corporate and commercial lawyer in our aviation team.

Igli Hajdari

Igli is a laywer in our corporate and commercial team working in sectors such as aviation, helping clients navigate complex issues.

Rubin Dogjani

Rubin is a lawyer that specialises in corporate advisory, employment, intellectual property and disputes resolution.

Erjola Rranga

Erjola is an expert in environmental law and commercial law, where she provides detailed advice services to her clients.

Evanthi Mara

Evanthi is a lawyer with expertise in aviation law, commercial contracts, administrative law, and insurance law.

Nevila Hoxha

Nevila works as part of the litigation team, assisting clients in managing consumer complaints and disputes.

Redon Tartari

Redon is a lawyer in the litigation department, supporting clients processing and defending against consumer lawsuits.

Antea Nano

Antea Nano is a lawyer in our disputes resolution team, she helps clients through the process of complaints.

Ilmi Hasa

Ilmi has completed various internships, which has helped him gain invaluable experience. He is extremely knowledgeable in the intricacies and application of civil law.